Exterior House Painting and Preparation

A great paint job begins with a clean, well prepared house exterior. Simply put, exterior house painting won’t stick to a dirty, peeling surface. When customers choose to work with Color Renovation, each house is power washed, thoroughly scraped, and coated with primer. A two step process of applying primer prior to the finish coat is far superior to the “paint and primer-in-one” products sold at big box retailers. We use premium Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paint products, and each paint job is covered by a four year warranty.

Paint Shaver Pro System

If you would like to take your exterior house paint job to the next level, Color Renovation can prepare your home with the Paint Shaver Pro System. This machine will remove all the paint down to the bare wood. This process not only removes the unsightly effects of years of peeling but will make your paint job last two to three times longer. Jobs prepared with the Paint Shaver Pro are covered by a seven year warranty.


Vinyl Siding Refinishing

Refinish Your Vinyl Siding For A Fraction Of The Cost

Vinyl siding beings to “chalk” and fade after 20 years or so, just like its predecessor, aluminum siding. Refinishing your vinyl siding is a great alternative to replacing it. A properly completed vinyl sided home refinishing paint job will last 15-20 years, and cost thousands less than replacing vinyl. Vinyl sided homes here in Northeast Ohio will be washed to remove all chalk, coated with two coats of premium Sherwin-Williams Vinyl Safe “Superpaint,” and covered by a 10-year warranty. Using vinyl safe paint on your home is crucial, as using non-vinyl safe paint will likely cause the siding to warp once it’s heated by the sun.


Aluminum Siding Refinishing

Refinish Your Aluminum Siding For A Fraction Of The Cost

Hundreds of thousands of Northeast Ohio homes are covered with aluminum siding. It’s a great product and has held up well over time. The original factory finish on this siding, however, is a different story. After 20 years or so, the original finish begins to “chalk” and wash off. If your siding has begun to chalk, power washing it will only make it look worse. Refinishing your siding will restore your home, and make it look new. We power wash each home until the chalk is removed, and apply two full coats of premium Sherwin-Williams Superpaint. Many companies only apply one coat. Aluminum sided homes are covered by a 10-year warranty. Aluminum sided home refinishing costs thousands less than replacing it, and it gives you thousands of color options as well.


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Color Renovation is a BBB Accredited painter in Cleveland and is also listed on Angie’s List painters in Cleveland.