exterior house stainingThousands of homes in our area are sided with cedar siding and stained with a solid color stain. Color Renovation has the experience and know-how to paint your cedar sided home correctly. Our exterior stain work begins with a soft wash, using detergent to clean dirt and residue, a thorough scraping of any peeling, and a premium exterior solid stain such as Sherwin-Williams Woodscapes.

Many companies offer a cheap price, by taking shortcuts that we refuse to take. By applying a “spray-only,” quick coat of stain on your home, these other companies are often done in one day. This method is fast and inexpensive, but the stain does not properly soak into the grain of the wood—it merely sits on the surface.

Color Renovation will back-brush the stain into the surface, giving it a more uniform, longer-lasting product, that is backed by our four-year warranty. If you’re interested in exterior staining through Color Renovation, contact us today!