Are tired of your siding looking like this?

Color Renovation has the solution to your problem! Our Paint Shaver Pro system removes years of unsightly cracking, bubbling, and peeling paint, and makes your home look like new! First, paint is removed using the Paint Shaver, then sanded using the Paint Shaver sanding system (Shaver and sander are connected to a HEPA Vac, which captures the debris), then primed with an oil-based primer. We then use premium top coats such as Sherwin-Williams Duration, giving your home a paint job that lasts 2-3 times longer than an average paint job. Each Paint Shaver Pro paint job is covered by a 7 year warranty, which covers all peeling, flaking, or bubbling.

Here’s what Shaker Heights real estate Professional Jenn Wrubel had to say about her Paint Shaver job!